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Fraser, Michigan Roofer

Alex's Roofing services much of the southeastern Michigan area including Fraser. Specializing in all aspects of roofing, Alex's areas of expertise include roofs for new construction, re-roofing over existing shingles, and tear-offs of the existing roof with a new roof laid. Trust the experts at Alex's Roofing do a professional job on your Fraser roof that you can count on, and admire for years to come.

New Roof in Fraser, Michigan

When the time comes to have a new roof put on your home, you should be prepared for the costs and the work involved; especially if you are at a point where you need to do a tear-off in addition to your new roof. You need to weigh all your options and decide if you are going to do the roof tear-off or leave that to a professional. One homeowner in Fraser, MI called Alex's Roofing for an estimate and advice on the pros and cons of labor versus costs. He chose to have the professionals at Alex's Roofing do the roof tear-off in addition to laying the new roof. "I want to save money as much as the next guy, but having Alex's Roofing do the job from start to finish was well worth it for my peace of mind!"