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Michigan Roof Tear-off

While there may be some evidence that new shingles installed over old shingles won't last as long as a single-layered roof, most manufacturers offer the same warranty for both methods. However, if you are planning to keep the house for the long term, there are several reasons why you should consider tearing off the old roof:

  • You can find out what's been happening under that blanket of old shingles. Small leaks can cause big damage. It's easy to find and fix damage when you expose the roof surface.
  • Replace damaged or corroded flashing.
  • Install ice and water barriers to prevent ice dam problems.
  • Have a new roof that'll look and be much smoother.

How You Should Tear-Off an Existing Roof

Tearing off an old roof is a big job, but doing it yourself will save you a lot of money. All you'll need are a few specialty tools, a few willing friends and a commercial dumpster. If you're prepared ahead of time, the work will go much faster and easier. You'll most likely be required to obtain a building permit, so visit the building inspector before the job starts.

A few safety tips to follow if you do decide to do your own roofing tear-off:

  • Wear safety belts and ropes, especially on steeper roof slopes where you can easily loose your footing.
  • Never work on a wet or icy roof.
  • Be aware of overhead power lines.
  • Extend your ladder a few rungs above roof edges and secure the bottom with something heavy, like a bundle of shingles to prevent kick-outs.